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Part three in a series

In our last article, we helped you arrangement your new landscape. In this critique we'll explore which plants to put where and what makes an efficient landscape.

If you think of your landscape as a stage, you can by far conceive of the basics of layout. On a stage, you have a nice conditions or background in the back. The backdrop is customarily large and fills your total view. In front of the backdrop, you have some minor items that set the scene. These may be small pieces of furniture. And then in the very front you have your actors?your stars. They take the front and center to get the most attention. So, looking from back to front, you have your backdrop, your accent pieces, and as a final point your stars.

Laying out a good landscape uses the same principles: we start with a background in the very back, then we add some accents, then finally, our stars!

The Backdrop

The environment can be any amount of belongings but the basic code is that the backdrop cleanly serves to show off the items in front of it, and can also be used to hide effects at the back of it. A good background could be amazing as clean as a wall or fence, or a little as elaborate as a planting of evergreens. As long as the evergreens have one customary bit (perhaps they have the same color or same texture), they will serve as a good backdrop.

The Accents

Your accent pieces are plants that help to dress the set. These work well if planted in groupings of at least three. For example, a clump of shrubbery off to the left of your "set" and a clump or acme plants on the right. Or i don't know some clumps of grasses would serve as a good accent.

The Stars

Now for the stars! Attractive core stage are your accents. And they don't have to be centered! As long as they are altered from your environment and accents plants, they will befall your stars. For example, an evergreen environment with some grasses used as an accent set up a nice monochromatic green image. Place some white flowering plants in front and they develop into the stars of your landscape. Since of their assorted color from the rest of your "set", they will stand out.

You can build numerous "sets" in your landscape. Just break up your landscape into smaller mini-scapes. As long as each area is separated by backdrops and accents, you can by far complete a exquisite look.

Dean Novosat is an avid gardener and landscaper. He has transformed many boring yards into attractive landscapes. He has more than a few websites counting http://www. the-garden-doctor. com and http://www. dr-landscape. com.


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